What are the Community Guidelines?

The Community Guidelines are a small, simple set of rules for Qeep. They are valid additionally to our terms and conditions. You can check them here in detail:

1. One account

Please note that the Qeep terms and conditions permit only one account per user. Therefore, any additional accounts created by a single person will be closed without further notice.

2. Photoblogs

Qeep is a community for all ages. Therefore any photoblogs containing explicit, violent or in any way discriminatory content will not be tolerated. Users posting inappropriate material will be warned first; repeat offenders will be deleted.

3. Chat and pinboards

Qeep is a place to get together and chat about whatever you like. However, rude, discriminatory and intrusive behaviour, along with flooding and spamming, will not be tolerated. Offenders may be banned from the Big Pinboard for 48 hours; repeat offenders will see their accounts permanently disabled.

4. Scams
No-one likes a cheat and therefore scamming in any shape or form will not be tolerated on Qeep. This includes, but is not limited to, indecent proposals on the Hotlist, chain messages of dubious content and objectionable activities in Friend Zoo. Any kind of fraudulent activity will be investigated and all associated accounts will be closed.
5. Promoting tolerance
Qeep is about fun and friends. We're proud of our friendly international community and we promote tolerance and respect among our users, regardless of their background, religion, race, sex or appearance. If you ever feel offended by other Qeepers or run across inappropriate content, please use the 'Report' function. We will then do our best to solve the issue.

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