I have reported a user, but nothing has been done! Why?

There may be different reasons why it looks like nothing has been done, even though it's not the case. Reporting someone doesn't necessarily mean that this person will be blocked instantly. Usually, if the user is a first-time offender, we will warn the user for his behaviour, so he/she has a chance to see what he/she has done wrong and to improve his/her behaviour in the future. Only if warning a user obviously is not successful, an account will be closed.

Please keep in mind that when checking a report, we may sometimes come to a different conclusion than you about the user's intention or actions.  If we think that a user has not violated our terms and conditions, then the report will be dismissed and no further action will be taken. If you are sure the user has broken the rules, you can always contact us and tell us why you think that this is the case.

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