How does the Hotlist work?

The Hotlist gives you the opportunity to be shown to many Qeepers in a short amount of time. You can bid for a spot on the Hotlist with q-points. The more you bid, the higher you will be ranked in the Hotlist, the more often you will be shown to other Qeepers. 

The Hotlist is divided by gender and your profile's preference. So if you are male and into women, you'll see only female profiles on the Hotlist and if you bid for the Hotlist, you will only be shown to women. If you wish to change your preference, go to MY PROFILE -> EDIT PROFILE -> INTO

The minimum bid for the Hotlist is 20 q-points. On most Hotlists this will get you the lowest spot. We suggest to make sure to get at least the third or fourth spot from the top to be shown often to other Qeepers. To bid for the Hotlist, click on the HOTLIST -> HERE'S HOW YOU BID FOR THE HOTLIST. You can then either type in an amount you wish to bid or click on a spot to take it for the amount shown to you.

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