How does the Friend Zoo work?

The Friend Zoo is a social game, played with q-points, in which you can buy your friends and other Qeepers as pets for your own zoo. But pay attention, your pets can be bought from you at any time from another Qeeper. Each time a pet is bought, it will become more expensive, costing more q-points. Additionally, being a pet is very attractive as you earn q-points each time someone buys you!

You can play the Friend Zoo in two ways: you can either try to get a huge collection of pets (many users are looking for sexy pets) or you can try to earn many q-points by buying pets and betting that they will be bought back soon again. 

When a pet is bought, the price of the pet will be raised by 10%. The pet will receive half of this raise, the other half together with the original price is going to the seller.

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