3. Set your profile picture

  1. Go to your profile and click on the camera icon.
  2. Choose a nice profile picture from your gallery and upload it.

Your image has been rejected?

In this case, please check our photo guidelines. On your profile picture, your face must be clearly visible.

Pimp your profile!

Upload more photos which represent your personality and interests for a good first impression!

What are the guidelines for profile pictures?

Your profile picture is the most important thing in qeep. It’s the first impression another user will get from you. It represents you in almost all features in qeep. This is why we apply very strict rules for your profile picture and want it to look good. This is in your very own interest. 

To achieve this, please make sure that your profile picture will follow these guidelines:
• your profile picture must be a selfie of yourself 

• if it’s a group picture, it must be clear who you are 

• use sufficient lightning so that people can recognize you 

• your picture should have a good quality and resolution 

• focus on your face, not your shoulders, chest, legs or other body parts 

• minimize the use of filters so that people can still see you

Have a look at these examples:
How your profile picture shouldn’t look like: 
• dark  

• a group picture where you are somewhere in the background 

• a picture with too small resolution or bad quality 

• pornographic, insulting or generally inappropriate 

• other motives than a selfie 

• a picture of someone else than yourself 

• NO child pictures

Such pictures as the following ones will get removed: