Play the Match game to show someone that you like them. If they like you back, it’s a match!

This is the best starting point for a good conversation.

How does the Match game work?

  • When visiting a profile of another user, tap the heart or swipe to the right to show that you like them. 
  • Tap the X or swipe to the left, if you’re not interested.

How do I know that I have a Match?

  • When you have a Match, we’ll let you know instantly. Don’t waste time and start chatting immediately. 
  • You also find your Matches under Messages.

I’ve swiped to the left although I intended to swipe to the right. Can I undo this?

  • You can undo your last swipe as a qeep Plus member. Click here to learn more about qeep Plus.
  • Another option is to just wait. All profiles will be shown to you again at a later time.

What are Super Likes?

  • When playing the Match game, you can send someone a Super Like by tapping the star icon in the right of their profile picture. In contrast to a normal swipe to the right, a Super Like is visible to the person you’ve sent it to. This will help you to get their attention. Super Likes are very precious and therefore limited to one per day per user. You can send more Super Likes by upgrading to qeep Plus.