Dos & Don’ts

We value a harmonious and respectful interaction within our community. Using the app for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. In case of infringement, we will block your account and, if necessary, we will contact the relevant authorities.

  • Please, do not be insistent. The same applies to harassment. If someone tells you they are not interested, respect this and harass no one. After all, there’s enough fish in the sea that is our community.
  • Do not be offensive. The purpose of the app isn’t to harm others.
  • Threats and bullying have no place in qeep either. Never forget that, even if you are on the Internet, you can be prosecuted.
  • Pornography and violence, as well as sharing websites that have such content, are not permitted. Do not spread shocking photos or videos. Please respect this. You may upload sexy photos, but don’t overdo it.
  • Content that shows nudity or sexual behavior towards minors is strictly prohibited. Even if you are under 18 years old.
  • Upload only your OWN photos and don’t publish pictures of other people.
  • The same applies to fake profiles. Profiles with pictures of celebrities, clubs or organizations will also be deleted.
  • Do not send ads or spam. Your profile cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you try to sell products or services, we will block your account. This also applies to corporate content such as personnel recruiting, contests, bets, and the use of personal data of other users.

If you break these simple rules, we will block your profile. If you are involved in illegal activities, we will be forced to report you to the relevant authorities.
Our rules of conduct are meant to make qeep a friendly and secure community, where all our users can have fun.