General safety advice

Our community is very important to us; therefore, we want to give you some valuable tips to protect yourself:

  • Never let yourself be persuaded to meet someone if you are not yet ready to do it. A bad gut feeling is rarely wrong, so only agree to meet people you feel good about.
  • A call (best if it’s a video call) can help you find out if someone is who they claim they are before even meeting them. Be skeptical if the person refuses repeatedly.
  • When you’re ready to meet someone for the first time, tell a friend or relative about it, and share the place where you want to meet with them. Let them know when you have come back home safely.
  • When you meet, make sure that you can arrive to the meeting point alone, and that you can leave alone as well. Even if in good faith, you should never depend on someone you don’t know to pick you up or drive you.
  • Don’t share your address with any stranger.
  • Don’t give them any other details either, such as bank details, email address and, preferably, not even your full name. Someone who doesn’t know you well should be satisfied with knowing your first name only.
  • Agree to meet preferably during daylight or at least in a public place. Keep your drinks and personal belongings in sight.